Analog clock is a mode in free Clock Screen Saver that displays current time in the way of analog clock.


Analog clock face in Clock Screen Saver

Analog clock is a default mode in Clock Screen Saver. It is available in both Free and Pro versions of the program. The current time is displayed in the way of simple analog clock in this mode.

Analog mode colors customizing

You can change color of the whole clock or the color of each clock element separately. Hours, Seconds and Minutes options in the Colors group are changing the colors of hours, seconds and minutes hands in the analog clock. Changing the color of the Other option will change the color of analog clock dots and date (if Display date option is enabled).

Date and time options

Analog clock mode allows you to enable or disable second hand of the clock. You can customize the color of the hand and play some sound every time second hand is changing its positions.
You can also enable Display date option in the Date and Time group. When it is enabled, the current date will be displayed in left bottom of the screen. Date format and language are taken from the Regional and Language options of your operating system.

Glow and afterglow effects in analog mode

You are able to add some special effects to the analog clock to make your screen saver look more attractive and stylish. Simply move the slider of each effect in definite positions between None and Strong to make the effect took place.

Size and position of Analog Clock Screen Saver

You can change the size the analog clock is displaying on you screen. Size of screen saver clock is measured in percents. Simply drag the size slider to the appropriate position. You can also setup the Change position option. If this option is enabled analog clock position will be changed after the period of time you have setup in Change position option.

Playing sounds in Analog Clock Screen Saver

There is a Sounds option available in analog clock mode. If you want you can setup your Clock Screen Saver to play some sound every time each hand will change its position. There is the default kit of sounds in Clock Screen Saver, but you can also add your own sound samples.

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