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Outlook Backup is an easy-to-use but comprehensive program to backup Outlook mail client. Software allows you to backup, restore and synchronize Microsoft Outlook data, including e-mails, contacts, mail accounts, message rules, junk e-mail lists, settings and signatures.

Backup process is simple, fast and fully-secure. All the data is stored in one backup file. You can backup all Outlook items at once or save each item separately. You need only to select what you want to backup, select the backup file name and hit the backup button. Simple! See screenshot below.

Outlook Backup screenshot - click to enlarge

The program also allows you to backup Outlook on one computer and restore to another. This ability enables you to move Outlook between several computers.

Our software solution to backup Outlook has a handy multilingual interface. The program will be clear even for a beginner! As for advanced users, they will be pleased with ability to backup Outlook automatically and periodically using Task Builder as long as using command line.

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ABF Outlook Backup

Current Version:4.05
Release Date:2018-09-26
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