Digital clock mode displays the current time in the way of real cool looking digital watches.


Digital face of the Clock Screen Saver

Seven-segment digital mode in Clock Screen Saver displays the current time in the way of usual watches or alarm clock with seven-segment indicator board.

Changing digital clock screen saver color

You can change the color of the whole screen saver or the color of the separate elements. To change the color of a separate digit use an appropriate option in the Colors group. To change the color of the dots between the sections of the clock use Other option in Colors group.

Date and time options

You are able to customize the time format of digital Clock Screen Saver. You can choose between 24-hour and 12-hour time format. In addition, you can add AM or PM to the current time.

Glow and Afterglow effects

Using Glow and Afterglow effects in the seven-segment digital mode will make your screen saver look like a real watches or alarm clock. Glow effect adds some backlight with blur effect to the clock symbols and afterglow effect gives some delay to this backlight.

Size and position of digital clock screen saver

Clock Screen Saver allows you to change size and position of the watches. Size is measured in percents and can be changed using a slider in Size and Position group. You can also setup the period of time when watches will change the position.

Playing sounds

You can make your Clock Screen Saver play every time hour, minute or second changes. You can make the program to repeat clock-striking sound every hour, like in a real tower clock. In addition you can use your own wave samples in Clock Screen Saver.

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