Program works in analog, 7-segment digital and text digital modes and has a lot of useful features.


Clock faces in Clock Screen Saver

Would like to have an analog clock as your screen saver? Then Analog clock face designed exactly for you. In this mode Clock Screen Saver displays current time in the way of common analog clock.

Or maybe you are looking for digital clock screen saver? Then Seven-segment digital clock face is your choice. This mode displays current time in the way of digital watches with seven-segment indicator board.

Oh, you would like to have Matrix-style digital clock screen saver. Or maybe you have some cool font and you want to use it for displaying the current time? Then choose Text digital clock face, pick up an appropriate font and off you go! This mode allows you to use any font installed on your computer.


  • Three clock modes: analog, seven-segment digital and text digital
  • 12-hour and 24-hour time formats
  • Current date display
  • Screen saver color changing
  • Glow and afterglow effects
  • Clock size and position changing
  • Different sound effects
  • Clock font customizing
  • new! Ability to change date font, size and color

Customize Clock Screen Saver as you like

You can customize Clock Screen Saver any way you wish. You can select either 12-hour or 24-hour time format, add current date right near the clock and choose clock color and clock size. You can even select the color of a separate clock element or periodically change clock position on the screen. All this stuff is easily customized in Clock Screen Saver.

Sounds in Clock Screen Saver

Clock Screen Saver allows you to add sounds played every hour, minute or second changes. Program can also repeat clock-striking sound on an hour change, so your screen saver will strike as a real tower clock. Moreover, in addition to the default sounds kit, you can use your own wave samples, so your screen saver will sound like the Big Ben or the Kremlin clock.

Visualization effects

Spice up clock digits with some backlight around! Glow and afterglow effects will make your clock look cool and stylish.

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