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This step enables you to set up advanced disc burner options. It is available only when backing up  to a CD/DVD directly.




Figure 11. Disc burner options.


Disc title - use this field to define the label of your disc. If backup file is burned into a several discs, the burner will automatically add a volume number to the end of disc title.

Recording speed - use this option to choose writing speed for your disc.

Erase disc - check this option to erase disc before burning. All existing data on the disc will be lost. Note that you can not erase recordable-only CD or DVD if it was already burned.

Finalize disc - if enabled, the burner will finalize your disc after burn is completed. If finalized, re-writable disc should be erased for further writing. Further writing to recordable-only disc will not be possible.

Eject disc - the burner will eject disc when burning process is completed.


By default, when you are performing backup without configuring Advanced backup settings, the burner will have the following settings:


Recording speed - Maximum possible
Erase disc - disabled
Finalize disc - disabled
Eject disc when finished - enabled

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