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ABF Outlook Backup is a backup and synchronization tool for Microsoft Office Outlook mail client. The program enables you to back up and restore the following Outlook data:


mail accounts
subscribed RSS feeds (Outlook 2007)
message rules and alerts
custom forms
general settings
toolbar and menus customizations
custom stationery
message templates
Internet Explorer favorites

Program features

Handy wizard-style interface
Password protected backup file
Ability to back up several Outlook profiles to a single backup file
Ability to back up Outlook data directly to writable CD/DVD, removable device or remote computer via LAN
Self-extracting backup file
Automated backup and restore using internal scheduler
Full Unicode support


ABF Outlook Backup can be easily used to transfer and synchronize Outlook between several computers, different Windows versions or users. You can also use this program to migrate to a newer or older version of Outlook. All you need is to backup Outlook on one computer (user or OS) and restore it to another one.


ABF Outlook Backup has user-friendly wizard-style interface (Figure 1) which will guide you trough backup and restore processes. Even a beginner can easily work with this program.





Figure 1: ABF Outlook Backup.



How to use

ABF Outlook Backup is very easy to use. Simply follow the backup or restore wizard and you will get the process done. See backup and restore topics for details.




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