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Restore process overview
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Restore is an operation to place the backed up data from backup file into MS Outlook. You can restore directly from the storage where your backup file is located.




Figure 15. Backup or Restore



To start Outlook restore process, run ABF Outlook Backup, click Next on Welcome step - Backup or Restore step will occur. Select Restore Outlook (Figure 15; Pos 1)  and click Next (Figure 15; Pos 2) to proceed to the next step.


Note: ABF Outlook Backup enables you to backup one version of MS Outlook and restore to another. This feature is useful when moving the data to a newer (or an older) version of MS Outlook. But there are some issues concerning MS Outlook versions you should know before migrating using ABF Outlook Backup:


1.You can always move data from an older to a higher version of Outlook without limitations.
2.You can move data from Outlook XP to Outlook 2000.
3.You can move data from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2003, except IMAP accounts.
4.You can not move data from Outlook 2003/2007 to Outlook 2000/XP


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