Step 3: Ready to restore

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Backup process overview
Step 1: What to back up
Step 2: Where to back up
Step 3: Ready to back up
Disc burner options
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When to back up
Restore process overview
Step 1: What to restore
Step 2: Where to restore
Step 3: Ready to restore
When to restore

This is a confirmation step. It lets you to verify all the basic options you have chosen for restore procedure.




Figure 18. Ready to restore.


To check if all restore options are correct look through the confirmation area (Figure 18; Pos 1). If you need to change selected options, click Back. If everything is correct, click Next (Figure 18; Pos 3) to start the restore process. If you want to set up advanced restore options, click Advanced (Figure 18; Pos 2).


Warning! Before starting restore process close all instances of MS Outlook.


After restore process is finished Restore completed window will appear.




Figure 19. Backup completed.



To run Outlook after wizard finish check an appropriate check-box (Figure 19; Pos 1). To exit ABF Outlook Backup click

Finish (Figure 19; Pos 2).

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