Use any font you like to display the current time in text digital clock face of Clock Screen Saver.


Text digital mode in Clock Screen Saver

Text digital clock mode displays the current time in the way of digital watches but using fonts from your computer. You can use any font installed in Windows for the clock digits.

Customizing text digital clock screen saver

You can customize Clock Screen Saver any way you like. To change colors of the clock elements use Colors group in the Settings window. Other option means dots between clock digits.

You can set up time format in text digital mode of Clock Screen Saver. Choose between 12-hours and 24-hours time format and decide if show AM/PM symbols or not. You can also enable or disable seconds in text digital mode.

Glow and afterglow effects

Enabling Glow and Afterglow effects in the text digital mode will make your Clock Screen Saver look like a real watches. Glow effect adds some backlight to the clock digits and afterglow makes some delay in this backlight, commonly used in alarm clock.

Playing sounds

You can make your Clock Screen Saver play a sound every time hour, minute or second changes. You can make the program to repeat clock-striking sound every hour, like in a real tower clock. In addition you can use your own wave samples in Clock Screen Saver.

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