Creating Signatures In Outlook

Did you know you can add a signature in every message you type in Outlook? It may contain your Full name as well as you email address, phone, fax etc. Very useful instead of typing your contact info every time you send an email.

To start adding your signature you need to create it first. Go to the Tools > Options... and open the Mail Format tab. Under Signatures section click on the Signatures... button, Signatures and Stationary window will appear. On the E-mail Signature tab start creating your signature by clicking New button. Give a name to you signature and add signature text. Try to avoid very long signatures - 5 - 6 lines are good enough. Click OK when you finish. If it is you first signature Outlook will automatically make it the default. You can always change this setting in Signatures and Stationary window.

Outlook stores your signatures in the system registry and you cannot export or import them. However you can backup Outlook signatures using Outlook Backup program.

ABF Outlook Backup

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