Transfer Outlook

Nevertheless Outlook Backup is a program for creating backup copies of Microsoft Outlook data it also can be easily used to transfer Outlook from one PC to another. Using our backup tool you are able to transfer Outlook email messages (together with folders structure), address book contacts, mail accounts, settings, rules and much more.

How to transfer Outlook data

To transfer Outlook data you need to go through the following steps:
  1. Backup all needed Outlook data on the computer you would like to transfer from.
  2. Move the backup file (*.ob4) to the second computer using LAN or some media (like writable CD/DVD, flash drive etc.)
  3. Install Outlook Backup on the second PC and restore your data from the file you've just moved.

Outlook transfer process

If you need to transfer data from one Outlook profile to another simply back up first profile and restore in the second one.

Automated Outlook transfer using Task Builder

Sometimes you may need to perform transfer operation periodically. Here is when the Outlook Backup scheduler comes into play. Using this feature you can schedule backup and restore operations on both PCs to automate Outlook transfer process.

To add a task (we prefer to call it job) to scheduler follow the wizard to backup or restore Outlook. On confirmation step hit Advanced button and navigate to scheduler step. Choose to backup (or restore) later and configure the scheduler. When you're done complete the backup or restore process.

Note: You don't have to pay any additional charges for transferring Outlook between computers. If you are a single user of the program on several computers you may use a single license on all your computers.

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